Cauldron fish soup

Traditional fish soup. Base juice not containing pieces of fish. Taste made on real fire. No preservatives, additives or dyes are added. Made from the highest quality ingredients. Purified mixed freshwater fish (min. 25%), using drinking water, onions, peppers, sweet / hot spice peppers, table salt. Net weight: 2000g. Packing in plastic bucket. Storage -18C. Shelf life is 1 year from manufacture. Contains fish allergen. The product is gluten and lactose free, with no added sugar. Country of origin: Hungary.

Nutrition facts (in 100g product)

energy: 212kJ/51Kcal
fat: 3,2g, of which saturated fatty acids 0,7g
carbohydrate: 0,9g, of which sugars 0,3g
protein: 5g
salt: 0,9g

Suggested use

After thawing, bring to a boil thoroughly and then add the salted fish pieces. Cook the fish for about 15 minutes and serve the finished dish. The juice itself is slightly unsalted. Stir the juice before consumption.

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